Start your SeneGence business

What if you could start earning while sharing the products you know and love?

Become your own Boss today!

Build a career “That really works – on your terms.” Join SeneGence as an Independent Distributor and start your own Beauty
Business selling cutting-edge products. Your own hours, anywhere you choose. And a Compensation Plan. The Potential to
transform your life has arrived. Become what you inspire to be. A Reality.

Endless Opportunities

Getting to shop and share as an Independent Distributor comes with an abundance of opportunity.
Get access to these exclusive benefits when you enroll.

Your career on your terms

Work anytime, anywhere! As your own boss, you set your own hours. Work full time, a few hours a week, virtually or in person – the choice is yours.

Additional income

With a 20-50% discount on product purchases, you can share all your loved products while earning additional income when you resell them at retail value, we offer a plan that works just for you.

Innovative products

Creators of the world-renowned LipSense, The Original Long-Lasting Lip Color, we remain committed to using the most advanced ingredients in our revolutionary long-lasting cosmetics and skincare line – be an exclusive buyer and seller of these award-winning products you know and love!

No inventory required

Let us do the work for you. No need to carry inventory, we ship directly from our company to your Customers. Plus, decide how much inventory YOU want.

Tools for success​

You’re never alone! We provide extensive training, FREE personal website, marketing materials, exciting rewards, customized business apps, and more.

Work/life balance

Get the best of both worlds! You don’t have to choose between your professional and personal life ~ you have balance.

Exclusive opportunities

Have the potential to earn travel, earn an allowance to lease a new car, see your name in monthly newsletter and more.


Joining a community of support and solidarity! Make lifelong friends in our positive, family-centered culture.

Make Beauty your Business

Choose your ultimate Starter Kit

kit 1

Ladies First

for 595 SFr (instead of 1493 SFr)
including Basic kit

kit 2

Ladies move on

for 1’050 SFr (instead of 2674 SFr )
including Basic kit

kit 3

Ladies have fun

for 1450 SFr (instead of 3869 SFr)
including Basic kit

choose Basic kit

for 155 SFr (instead of  366 SFr)


"Ladies" promise profit

You can become a distributor because you want to make a new source of income with SeneGence. Because you have calculated exactly, you decide to buy a Ladies Kit – and receive the Basic-Kit* as a bonus. Be aware: Beauty is also a business! In a serious full time job as a distritutor at SeneSwiss you can make much more money after 12 months, than in any “typical” female low salary job.

Included your first profit

You order one of the 3 Ladies-Kits with about 60% immediate discount. You retain one as your “tester” of each product and color. Products and colors included more than one time you to sales prices You will earn revenue that exceeds the amount invested. Grow a 50% inventory, and sell at a 50% profit. Trade all other products through your SeneSite – at 35% profit.

You can get going now!

Schedule the MakeOver appointment with your SeneGence consultant. Take a close look, convince yourself (and especially your skin) of the quality of the entire SeneGence product line. You can become a distributor because you want to buy your own needs directly from SeneSwiss at a discount. Buying the Basic-Kit you will benefit from the 4-level immediate discount for Distributors for one year. There are only advantages for you – no obligations.


The opportunity to become a SeneGence independent distributor comes with options that work for you and for your lifestyle – right now. We’ll help you set income goals and plan for the future while building a successful business today. You will quickly have the opportunity to start earning bonuses, benefits, trips and boundless opportunities all while receiving professional support, networking and training. A lifestyle you’ve previously only dreamed of can now be a reality.

Fast Start Program

 This is the 90 day starter aid for quick starters to create a solid 50% inventory in the shortest possible time with no slow-moving items. Every order over 300 PV (which is about 800 Fr) gets 50% discount. And that means: 50% profit on every sale you make. Every order over 300 PV (which is about 800 Fr) gets 50% deduction. All new distributors have this advantage during the first 90 days after business launch. Applies to single orders over 300 PV only, with no limit on how many orders may be placed during promotion period. Sales aids with no PV assigned do not count toward 300 PV requirement.

SeneSite is your "window"

Customers can order all SeneGence products directly from SeneSwiss via SeneSite. That’s why the SeneSite is a window to the customer. This personalized website allows you to do online business around the clock. And: You can be geographically present throughout Switzerland. The shipment of SeneSite orders is handled by SeneSwiss. SeneSite costs 60 Fr per year. The 35 percent commission on each SeneSite sale is paid monthly.

SeneTrips & SeneCar

SeneGence promotions contests and conferences can take you around the world. Our distributors enjoy domestic and global destinations when they earn our annual SeneStar or LIPS trips. The next SeneGence adventure is right around the corner. Make sure you pack your passport! SeneGence distributors are all over the road, enjoying their new vehicles they earn through our SeneCar program. In just a short time, you can be driving a brand new vehicle of your choice, in SeneGence blue color – while we take care of your lease payments! 

Royal Ranks

In the SeneGence Royal Court once an independent distributor has built an impressive team of successful downline Distributors and achieved $1,000,000 or more in Group Sales Volume, they are honored with the title of Crown Princess. Here, we introduce you to our Crown Princesses and Queens, and their individual, unique paths to success. Let their special stories inspire you to reach for your dreams!